About Us

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Heart of the Valley Christian School exists as a ministry of The Bridge Bible Fellowship in partial fulfillment of our mission to glorify God by multiplying healthy churches that know Jesus Christ and make Him known. We exist to partner with the family in the total education of their child, including spiritual, intellectual, social, family development, and physical growth. We are committed to reach every child and their family for Christ and to begin the process of building them up to be complete in Christ.

Our primary aim is that every student and parent would develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and learn to interpret all knowledge and education through eyes and actions that reflect a truly Christian perspective. The school provides an atmosphere of caring for the whole child that will encourage development to their fullest potential. Our faculty works with parents to impress upon their children the importance of being “His workmanship, created for good works in Christ” that will reflect Christian standards and ethics, written or implied, both on and off the campus.

We encourage this growth by:

1. Spiritually – Helping students understand and receive God’s plan of salvation for their lives though His Son Jesus Christ, instructing them in His Word, and creating a school environment that reflects and models Christian life by teaching them to know, read, and memorize the Scriptures.

2. Intellectually – Integrating the highest academic experience possible with the proper developmental level of the child.

3. Emotionally – Helping students to understand and appropriately respond to their thoughts and feelings.

4. Socially – Helping students to develop positive relationships with staff, teachers, peers, parents, and to achieve a healthy self awareness.

5. Physically – Providing opportunities and activities to encourage the student’s development of their large and small motor skills as they physically mature.