UPDATE For Box Tops

These 10cent pieces of card board go a long way! Check your cereal boxes, ziplock bag boxes, lunch snacks and more! Those little guys are everywhere!


Just a note about our Box Tops…

March is the end of this campaign in order for us to collect our check from Box Tops. We will however continue to collect beyond March in order to have a large number of the Box Tops for the end of the November campaign. So all that to say that this is not the last month for our Box Tops collecting.

Kindergarten Preview Day

We have a kindergarten preview day on February the 10th. 10:30-11:30am prospective students may come into the kindergarten classroom for a glimpse into life as a kindergarten student. Sam Whisman will be doing a 1 hour lesson to show parents some of her teaching style, and help the little ones get excited (less nervous) about kindergarten.

Click Here to Download the Flyer!